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Anchoring Assurance - Harbouring Quality

At Baltic Control Emirateswe retain and maintain the assurance of our customers, through dedicated and unmatched transparent marine services.


Baltic Control Emirates LLC is committed to supporting the Oil and Gas industry and has a proven track record across a wide range of marine survey projects for petroleum and offshore companies throughout the Global.


In handling project cargo, Baltic Control Emirates LLC assures customers of its absolute attention to every detail throughout the process and its utmost care to ensure safe delivery throughout the turnkey management of Project Cargo, Break Bulk and Heavy Lifts.


Baltic Control Emirates LLC works to provide our clients with the support, expertise, and in-depth knowledge they need.  Our marine engineers and specialists are experts in their chosen fields. What brings them together is their thorough knowledge of the Marine and Offshore industries.

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Baltic Control Emirates LLC specialized in all kinds of vessel surveys such as condition survey, damage survey, holds and tank inspection for cleanliness, towage approval and lifting gear inspection etc.  


Baltic Control Emirates LLC offer a full range of services for general cargo, consumer goods and all types of manufactured products, including marine services, product inspection and testing, as well as technical assistance.


Baltic Control Emirates LLC also offers other services such as sampling, certifications and laboratory analysis and quality assurance.

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