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Marine Engineering


Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering


Baltic Control Emirates LLC works to provide our clients with the support, expertise, and in-depth knowledge they need.  Our marine engineers and specialists are experts in their chosen fields. What brings them together is their thorough knowledge of the Marine and Offshore industries.

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

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The design engineering consultancy services sow shall include but not limited to:

• Preparation of all types of vessel plans.

• Scantling computations

• Steel renewal computations

• Rules based calculations

• Damage stability computations

• Probabilistic damage stability analysis

• Stability booklets - satisfies IMO / MARPOL etc.

• Loading manual preparation

• Tonnage and free-board calculation

• Loading calculation

• Lightship calculation / dead weight

• Tanks calibration calculation

• Water ballast management system plan – WBMSP

• Ship safety plan

• Design modification and conversion

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