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Vessel Inspection & Marine Survey

On-Off Hire Bunker & Condition Survey

Vessel Inspection & Marine Survery

Vessel Inspection & Marine Survey


Baltic Control Emirates LLC specialized in all kinds of vessel surveys such as condition survey, damage survey, holds and tank inspection for cleanliness, towage approval and lifting gear inspection etc.   We can determine for you the nature, extent and cause of loss and/or damage.


Our experienced surveyors will provide you with important information you requires.

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On-Off Hire Bunker & Condition Survey

Baltic Control Emirates LLC conducts this survey to determine the extent of damage which may have occurred to the ship and her equipment between the commencement and termination of charter.

Draught Survey - Please remove the compa

Draught Survey

Baltic Control Emirates LLC ensures that during these surveys the team calculates the amount of bulk cargo loaded or discharged on onboard vessels and barges. These surveys may be used for Bill of Lading purposes or for verification of shore scale weights.


Pre-Purchase Evaluation

Baltic Control Emirates LLC surveyors are experts in making assessments of all kind of vessels to determine their technical value, market value and import and export values. The inspections determine the general condition of a vessel and clients are provided with an estimate of the future maintenance cost as well as an estimate of life expectancy

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Marine Hull & Machinery Inspections

Baltic Control Emirates LLC carried out this kind of inspection in order to identify the damage or loss of the incident on Hull and Machineries and to also witness and supervision of repair operations, cost of the same, causes of the incident and estimates of the loss or damage.

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